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Miscellaneous Operations

Tree trimming

Carr's Tree Service trimming treesOne of Federated's subsidiaries is Carr's Tree Trimming Service. Keeping trees trimmed is important for your electric cooperative. Tree branches can interfere with power lines and cause outages or blinking lights. If you notice your trees growing into your lines, give us a call. If you are thinking about planting new trees, make sure they are located far enough away from power lines so they won't grow into them upon maturity.

Utilities are required to keep a 10-foot clearance around its power lines. Trees growing into the power lines lead to blinking lights and outages during storms. Federated hires Carr's Tree Service for its tree trimming and right-of-way clearance. Carr's works six months out of a year on tree trimming for Federated. Please report any trees growing into the power lines by calling or e-mailing us. We'll put it on the "do" list for when Carrs is in the area or if it's an emergency, Federated crews will take care of it. For safety's sake do NOT trim the trees near power lines yourself.

You can submit a tree-trimming request by clicking here...


Security Light/Streetlights

Your co-op provides security lighting to protect your home and property. Federated offers 100-watt high-pressure sodium lights. Enjoy the peace-of-mind and better visibility that a security light can provide your farm or business. You can rent a security light for $7.15 a month and Federated maintains the light for free. Other light sizes are available at your request. We are testing LED security lights, but they are not yet cost effective. 

You can report a security light/streetlights problem by clicking here...

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